Evangelos Latos

Institute of Mathematics and Scientific Computing, University of Graz

Academic year 2020/21
Analysis I

Academic year 2019/20
Linear Algebra
Partial Differential Equations

Academic year 2018/19
Mathematical Foundations I (Calculus I)

Academic year 2017/18
Reaction-diffusion problems: Advanced seminar on Blow-up of solutions to parabolic problems and systems

Academic year 2016/17

RDE: Advanced seminar on the qualitative properties of reaction diffusion parabolic problems.

Academic year 2015/16
WS15/16 Analysis I
WS15/16 Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen (ODEs)
SS15/16 Tutorial on Dynamical Systems

Academic year 2014/15
WS14/15 Tutorial of functional analysis
WS14/15 Master seminar: Diffusion equations
SS14/15 Analysis II

Academic year 2013/14
WS13/14: Practice Session Analysis I
WS13/14: Mathematical Training for Biologists
SS 13/14: Analysis II
SS 13/14: Problem Section Partial Differential Equations

Academic year 2012/13
WS12/13: Advanced Mathematics I
WS12/13: Optimization I
SS 12/13: Advanced Mathematics II
SS 12/13: Partial Differential Equations
SS 12/13: Introductory Seminar in Modelling II

Academic year 2011/12
SS 11/12: Introductory Seminar Course Optimization II